The Qu's

Pauline and Asif Qu are the founders of British Tribal Style. An improvied style of Tribal Bellydance with the emphasis on live music. Pauline and Asif are also the founders of Qu Designs. Qu Designs is the custom costume and jewellery, practice wear and Henna bodyart company.

Pauline and Asif Qu have taught, performed and traded at many of the UK’s most prestigious Bellydance events including Jewel of Yorkshire, Majma,  The Times Travel Show, Tribal Goddess, The Business Awards Ceremony at County Hall, Nottingham, Planet Egypt, and many many more. They have organised and directed several national events including The Tribal Gathering (with Angela Noble, Mark Rossi and Michelle Pender) and Pink Bellydancing (with Tatiana Woolley).

They are well known for their dynamic drum solos, their precise technique and exciting performances,  and their approachable, knowledgeable and generous teaching style.

They have set up many tribes and middle eastern drum groups around the country including Lincoln, York, Shrewsbury, Nottingham and Newcastle. Both have developed intensive study groups to help dancers and drummers achieve their potential and explore their own personal dance or drum style. They run workshops both locally and nationally at all levels.

They both continue to study with international teachers to expand their knowledge and skill.  Pauline has recently completed the first ever British Egyptian Dance Association year long course with Siouxsie Cooper (see here for Siouxsie’s profile

Weekly Classes

West Coast Tribal

Wednesday 7pm - 8pm

Egyptian Bellydance Class

£5 per class

Wednesday 8pm-9pm

Tribal Bellydance

£5 per class or both for £6

Culterham Hall, Mawbray, Cumbria

Both classes include moves, formations, transitions, combos and attitude with Pauline Qu and Asif Qu. Suitable for complete beginners

Arabic Drum Group with Asif Qu

Suitable for complete beginners. Come and learn Arabric rhythms on Darbuka, Riq and Frame Drum

 Tuesdays 7.00-8.30pm

£6 per session

Culterham Hall, Mawbray, Cumbria